The Blue Moon lesson program is uniquely geared toward children of ALL ages.   Our qualified and experienced trainer will guide you toward your horsemanship goals - whether they be a safe weekend trail ride, or competition at the highest level.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are ideal for most riders aged 5 and over.  The group setting encourages relationships not only with the horses, but with the other equestrians. Regular lesson packages are sold as 10, 50 minute group lessons at $320.00.

Private LessonsStudent

For the more advanced rider, or the adult with a demanding life outside of horses, private or semi-private lessons can be scheduled.  Private lessons are  one half-hour long and priced at $30.00.  Semi-privates are $30.00 per 50 minute lesson or pay $300.00 in advance and save.

Starter Package

We offer a starter package of 10, 50 minute group lessons for $300.00.  This discounted rate enables us to offer your first lesson free of charge to evaluate you for group placement and ensure that you are comfortable. prices are subject to change

Wee Ones

Want to give your child an early introduction to horses?  Blue Moon Stables offers a special wee ones package for children under 5 years old.  This is a rare opportunity to foster your child's love of horses!  Wee ones lessons are available daily before 3pm at the cost of $220.00 for 10 lessons.

Our Lesson Horses

Our horses were carefully chosen to ensure our riders had qualified, kind and - above all - safe mounts to learn on. Whether you are looking for a young child's pony or a seasoned show horse, you'll find it in our diverse string of lesson horses. Want to meet them? Click Here!